Purple Wine


My mind was over matter

Like I needed a basket full of water

to show the unreal feeling that breaks within

when you start coming in again

Deep as Wine…..

It’s crazy how you opened up my eyes

after a Sip of Jess Glynne

over a weekend of Eternal paradise

listening to your deep throat sing my best line

Deep as Wine………

Royalty and the King you bring

after the show lights and the curtains roll up

and I am done hearing you sing

your favorite mainstream pop

you consume the lyrics in your deep mind

and leave me lacking behind

your message so Deep

didn’t understand but I had a chance to creep

So, I am here falling to your Cheers

so, Cheers to the Fall

but I rise up from Chair

not to appear Dull

I pick up your Purple Wine

and get Drunk in your sick Lines

R. I. P Miyagi Namiko  ♥


Purple Wine