The god

Ayan, e ni ti a ti mu ko nife

and even though you are not fair

a ti yan e ko fe . . . . .

The Art created by God to make Art

that pours out creativity from her heart

beauty may be seen on the Outside

but yours comes from all sides

I respect the fact that you are a god

and if you were a train I will gladly board

The god of the Creative Arts

with a small frame like a cute cat

A brainiac of uncommon Grace

that elevates with amusing pace

Your gift is beyond boundary

because you do your Art youthfully

I am sure you inspire a lot of these girls

to stop pulling off their skirts

and focus on their hidden treasures

instead of settling for stupid pleasures

Your Style,

Pop Style,

suggesting the Afro-cultural picture

As seen in your work of Architecture

I am an avid Art enthusiast

I really don’t know you much

but I am really sure you Eat greatness for


You inspire a whole lot of my Creativity

So thank you for the Art you bring to



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